• Genre: 3d Animation
  • Year: 2006
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Team: 1

Visualization of our matriculation project, which was presented in fall 2009.

The animation shows the model of a grill barrier, that is used to regulate the passage of driftwood and other material that could become dangerous during floods. Besides that a lot of our calculation models (for example of the field of reinforced concrete construction or statics) are visualized in 'creative ways', as my teacher would say.

behind the scenes

The biggest challenge in this project was time: as this was one of my first 3D-projects, I did a lot of things by trial and error, for example animation in general or creating textures. Also animation or the use of 3D software was not required, so big thanks again to my friend Daniel, who gave me enough free space to make this possible.

so that's how animations are made!

When I realized how relatively 'simple' it is to generate a film out of still images, my mind was blown! I never really thought about doing animation stuff myself, but this changed everything, and also gave the trigger to not only create a picture with my moped project but to create an animation. How long could it possibly take? (spoiler: 3 years).

Grab yourself some popcorn - here you can see my first animation ever:

To the 16-year old me this was breath-taking!