• Genre: homepage
  • Year: 2010
  • Duration: 2 months/ongoing
  • Team: 1

This site is more like an archive to see the various stages of this homepage. Unfortunately the very first got lost on an old hard drive, even web.archive is only able to go back to 2013.

first version (2010)

The first version looked something like this:

I am not sure how many people think that their homepage absolutely needs a news page, and never update it once over the years. Well, count me in!

second version (2013)

The second version had already a more minimal approach design-wise, and this time I even updated the news page once or twice a year:

current version (2019)

Finally I managed to invest some time into a big homepage-overhaul. This time even more-minimalistic and using some css-trickery to generate a tree view: