5 Rings

  • Genre: Homepage
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Team: 1

The idea for this project came by observing our game master Clemens, as he would normally spend a great amount of time describing the game world - but it often ends as an undefinable scribble on paper. With this homepage everyone would be able to contribute and build our campaign together.

To achieve this I used a CMS called "Kirby". It's folder based and quite simple to use - people can just type markdown and generate for example tabular data or character stats:

I also created a world map, based on the input of our game master:

don't hit the save button!

One funny/frustrating story happened when I first sent out a link to test the page: there was not much to do yet but you could already enter text and let it show up in a small preview window. Daniel, one of our most motivated players did this: he already created his complete spell table, containing over 20 spells and wrote them directly into the input box of the new homepage. It looked great in the preview window, but as soon as he hit the save button all data was lost!

Sadly I forgot to warn everyone that the save system was not yet implemented. Sorry again Daniel, I still feel bad over 15 years later!