• Genre: Character
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Team: 1

Animo is a robot character that was created in the time of my internship at Animations & More in Austria.

Much time was spent on exploring possible shapes and various concepts emerged.

After that 3D-prototypes were created, to test how the concepts work in 3D space. When the final design was finished a lot of time went into rigging, so that the character can also be used for future projects. Furthermore there is even a 3D-printed version of Animo working in the office, holding a pen every day.

Funny side story: there was also the idea for an animation where he would hide inside a computer mouse, and it looked really promising on paper:

But when prototyping it with actual 3D models it felt more like a coffin and creepy - we didn't want him to deliver this message:

All in all it was a great project, I learned so much from my co-workers and created something really cool as a result:

one of the final renderings
the snow particle effect was really tricky to get right

Thanks again to all my colleagues who showed me how to improve my concepts, render realistic materials and create something awesome!