• Genre: game
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 1.5 years
  • Team: 1

During bachelor degree I had the idea for a game that combines the typical coziness of a board game with a modern tablet app. The outcome is an augmented reality board game for four players: YoKaisho

YoKaisho on Facebook

Best Game 2015 ACGA Award
nominated Animago 2014
nominated European Youth Award 2014

Our goal was to mix the collaborative features of traditional board games with action-paced gameplay on the tablet:

early mockup for the game

The game world is heavily inspired by Japan’s myths and culture, also the name itself derives from Japanese: our creatures are so called Yokai (ghosts) and it is a four-player game (Yon = four) where getting together is the core experience (Kaisho = meeting).

cage building, that would sometimes trap ghosts

Every one of the four players has to defend their own village which is haunted by Yokai. The players try to get rid of the ghosts by shooing them away to the other villages and are building better defenses with each turn to protect themselves. To win the game a player has to free his village from all the Yokai.

our pleasure-house building was especially admired by players - funny visual and audio effects were played if a ghost got too close


We were a team of seven people (4 artists, 3 programmers) and worked on the project for about one and a half years. It was our first student game and we learned a lot during the process. I was part of the game design team and responsible for various 3D-tasks, including modelling, rigging, animation, texturing and integration into Unity:

HakuTaku, one of the first yokai in the game
Kijimune, she was really difficult to rig & animate, as her clothing should be a mix between dynamically simulated and animated
this was one of our village scenes, where we tested asset placement and scale