• Genre: App
  • Year: 2017
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Team: 1

MindMap is a web app to create and share idea graphs with others. It started as a small side-project I did to get better at coding and to try out firebase, but eventually it evolved to something that my colleagues and I still use today.

When we started working on Weaving Tides we used it to create and share our thoughts on things like leveldesign, gamedesign or puzzle-progression. You can have a look at one of our shared maps via this link: Leveldesign Empire Rural2.

One of the main design visions was simplicity: there is only a very limited amount of characters you can put into a node, and even fewer options to connect or edit them. Goal of this decision was to reduce the number of possible distractions and to let the user focus on the ideas themselves.

Another feature I wanted to have was customization: the user can choose colors & sizes per map and give each graph a unique look. This is possible via the customize menu in the upper right corner:


Also as a funny side-story: maybe you have noticed the "One Piece" node in the upper example link - as it turns out having the border directly after the last node on the right side of the screen feels weird, so we started using "corner-stones" to give the graph some additional padding. At first I wanted to fix this problem via code, but as time went on we started trolling each other with small messages and funny references inside these corner-stones so... maybe let's keep them.